In Development


Almost, Again (feature)

Currently developing through National Film & TV School (UK)’s Masters in Producing program.

Producer: Alexandra Breede

* Shortlisted for Women in Film and Television Screenwriting Award


Harbinger (TV pilot)

Hour-long cable character-driven drama with supernatural elements.

Co-written with Rebecca Hales

Submitted for consideration to the Sundance Institute’s Episodic Story Lab


The Furies (TV pilot)

Half hour comedy: three teenage girls enact vigilante justice on crimes of the heart.

Co-written with Steven Neufeld


Things I Will Do If I See You Again (short)

Suited up as an urban warrior, Saffron embarks on a mission to eradicate the ghost of a past relationship. Ten minute comedy.




A new comedy exploring the fragility and strength of community.

Kringle, ON. It’s July, and it’s hot. It’s also the second week of 52 straight weeks of Christmas. An inspired attempt to woo tourists to the once-thriving, now-struggling village, constant Christmas turns out to be more complicated than the residents of Kringle originally thought. While struggling with their own logistics and complications, an entrepreneur from Toronto arrives with a proposal which will force Kringle’s residents to commit to Christmas indefinitely, or completely reconsider.

Developed through the Playwrights Unit at The Thousand Islands Playhouse.


Wendy, Darling

Wendy, Darling is a contemporary, full-length musical comedy based on JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. Telling the story from Wendy’s perspective, we discover what happens to Neverland and its beautiful cast of characters between the end of Peter Pan and J.M. Barrie’s epilogue When Wendy Grew up, and how Wendy came to have her baby, Janey.

The pixie dust of Neverland has started to wear off, and edging on 40, Wendy and Peter have hit a bit of an existential midlife crisis. Namely, Wendy wants to have a baby and settle down, and Peter, well, Peter is not ready to ‘grow up’. What is the point in growing up anyway? Isn’t their love enough? What’s better than a life of sex, pixie dust and rock n’ roll? But Hook lingers with his clocks, reminding Wendy that time does tick on and some clocks stop for good. The other colourful cast of characters – Tink, Tiger Lily and Hook – all play their roles in highlighting Wendy’s wild array of 21st century options. What’s a woman with choice to choose?

More than a stereotypical battle of the sexes, Wendy, Darling takes a story from our cultural collective unconscious and brings into a more progressive and present light. While preserving the magic and depth of Barrie’s original themes and characters, we hope to use this source as a launch pad into a world of high-energy dance, contemporary and eclectic music, and thought-provoking and entertaining musical theatre.

The creative team: Briana Brown (book/lyrics), Rosalind Mills (music/lyrics), Melissa-Jane Shaw (dramaturg/director).

We have received generous support through the Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators Reserve program and the following institutions: Thousand Islands Playhouse, The Grand Theatre, The Musical Stage Company.


A Funeral Party

Reading presented as one of four Safe Words New Canadian Play Award finalists

Directed by Steven Gallagher, June 2015, Tarragon Theatre Rehearsal Hall

Received development support through the Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators Reserve program through the Grand Theatre and Thousand Islands Playhouse



Originally born from a fast-and-furious writing exercise: Driftwood Theatre’s Trafalgar 24, Robert humourously examines questions of identity, family and loss as two siblings await the death of their father in a hospice. With a set of bagpipes.

A development workshop occurred in January 2016 as part of the Ontario Arts Council’s Playwright in Residence program.

Directed by D. Jeremy Smith, featuring: Julia Lederer & Mark McGrinder

Winner of Driftwood Theatre’s Beyond the Castle Award and nominated for the Playwrights Guild of Canada Stage West Pechet Family Comedy Award (2016).


Director Steven Gallagher with actors Andrew Scanlon and Julia Lederer. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

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