“Throughout the process of our work together, I was impressed with Briana’s ability to weave subtle human emotions into a narrative with universal appeal. She maintained the truth of her characters in extreme situations while injecting moments of lightness into serious situations. She never veered into sentimentality, and provided actors with meaty roles to dig into. Somehow, she has an instinct for humanity.” 
— Kathleen Flaherty, Playwrights Theatre Centre

The Concessions (3 w, 2 m)

The Concessions centres around an inexplicable act of violence in a rural community. When Fay, a local tarot reader, fails to either foresee or prevent this tragedy, she questions the belief on which she has based her life. Faith, trust, and moving on after community crisis are some of the themes weaving through this hauntingly beautiful piece of Canadian gothic.

Originally produced by Touchstone Theatre in association with Playwrights Theatre Centre and the Firehall Arts Centre, June 2014, Vancouver. Directed by Katrina Dunn. It was nominated for 3 Jessie Richardson Awards, including Supporting Actress (Marilyn Norry), Lighting (Adrian Muir), and Outstanding New Play.


Also a recipient of the Flying Start Award, providing a year of workshops and dramaturgical support from the Playwrights Theatre Centre, culminating in a fully staged production. Also received an OAC Creators Reserve grant from the Blyth Festival for development.


Wait    (1 w)

A celebration of anticipation. Originally produced at the Brave New Play Rites Festival at UBC, April 2014. Directed by Caitlin Docking and performed by Emma Johnson.

Wait saw a second production in July 2015 as part of Theatre SKAM’s Skampede. Directed by Briana Brown and performed by Laura Anne Harris.


Almost, Again.  (1 w, 1 m)

An almost-couple makes a simple pact: they won’t start their relationship until they get that first moment absolutely right. When the goal is perfection, it’s easy to get it wrong.

Almost Again epost

Roger Bainbridge (Jack) and Haley McGee (Ginger) in 2010 production. Photo by Jeremy Clay.

Original production directed by Briana Brown at the Toronto Fringe (Factory Studio), July 2010. Remount: Best of Fringe Festival at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Almost, Again recently received a new production at the University Fraser Valley‘s Directors’ Festival in Chilliwack, directed by Aaron Froc.

Available in Out on a Limb by Signature Editions.


Cassandra  (1 w)

Grounded for the week leading up to her tenth birthday, Cassandra embarks on a journey to get an A+ in life, and finds herself choosing whether it’s better to eat whole or multigrain toast, to be a corporate accountant or folk-rock genius, and whether she’d rather live in a world of reality, or in the realm of dreams.

Originally performed by the playwright at fringe festivals in London, Ottawa, Victoria and Vancouver. Remounted at Sarasvati Productions’ FemFest in October 2007.

Cassandra received another production at the London Fringe Festival in 2010, directed by Shannon Scott, starring 12-year-old Ally Connelly (photo below, with playwright).


Two Cassandras: Briana Brown and Ally Connelly. Photo by Dominique Milburn.

Available in One for the Road by Signature Editions.


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