“Throughout the process of our work together, I was impressed with Briana’s ability to weave subtle human emotions into a narrative with universal appeal. She maintained the truth of her characters in extreme situations while injecting moments of lightness into serious situations. She never veered into sentimentality, and provided actors with meaty roles to dig into. Somehow, she has an instinct for humanity.” 
— Kathleen Flaherty, Playwrights Theatre Centre
“Briana’s writing follows in the path of great Canadian playwrights like Judith Thompson and Joan McLeod. These are writers who imbue natural action with a deep poetic sensibility and that are unafraid to reach deep into human experience for unspoken truths. And like so many Canadian playwrights, her work is deeply affected by landscape. In the case of The Concessions it is the landscape of her childhood home in rural Ontario with its mystical beauty and chaotic weather systems.” 
 Katrina Dunn, Artistic Director Touchstone Theatre

Writing stance

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