Teaching and mentorship is an important part of my artistic life. This year, I’m happy to be working with Young People’s Theatre for my third year as the facilitator of their Writers’ Bloc, adjudicating and running workshops for the Sears Drama Festival, and teaching at the Centauri Arts Academy.

I recently completed a course to expand my skillset and understanding called Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education through UBC.

I’m also a proud Board Member, past facilitator, artist mentor and participant of the Paprika Festival.

If you’re interested in a playwriting or directing workshop, or one-on-one mentorship, please feel free to contact me!


“Bri was really empathetic, insightful, and brought a lot of joy to the process!  …Bri facilitated an atmosphere of acceptance where I could figure out what kind of work I wanted to make.  She understands writing from the inside out…”
Rosamund Small, Paprika Plawyrights’ Unit 2011


“Without your feedback, commitment, and support throughout the Paprika Festival in 2011, Falling Out would not have become a play, and I would have a much weaker understanding of how to write a play. Thank you.”
Tyler Graham, Paprika Playwrights’ Unit 2011



UBC Writing Camp, Summer 2013


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